Myths And Realities About Far-Infrared Therapy

Been Hearing About The Benefits Of Far-Infrared Therapy? Here’s The Science Behind It

benefits of jade

The benefits of using heat in physical therapy are undeniable. In particular, the use of hot stones has been known for centuries. This knowledge has been built upon year by year, but never has heat therapy in the service of functional rehabilitation become as developed and improved upon as in this century.

Today, we know more about how and why certain natural elements in select, precious stones promote a deeper, more effective heat treatment. Jade is one, tourmaline is the other, and both have exceptional qualities that go far beyond other stones in delivering effective, safe, deep heat therapy for chronic pain.

But it’s been discovered that they do so much more than that. These semi-precious stones are known to help break up fat, increase energy, and boost metabolism. They aid in the healing of certain chronic illnesses like diabetes, autoimmune disease, and mood disorders.

How can a couple of semi-precious stones do all this? First, let’s separate the myth from the established facts about the therapeutic qualities of jade and tourmaline.

The 2 Main Elements Behind Far-Infrared Therapy
1. Jade
Jade has been one of the most sought after semi-precious stones for thousands of years. Known for its deep green luster, the beauty of this stone has been the pride of royalty throughout Asia and Europe.

But jade’s beauty is more than skin deep. The Chinese held it in higher regard than gold, believing it could bring health, wealth, and longevity. Other ancient civilizations prized it as therapy for kidney conditions and adrenal gland disorders. While claims of ancient miracles can’t be substantiated, modern research does confirm which historical claims of the healing elements of jade actually do fit into modern medicine.

When exposed to far-infrared heat, jade absorbs and then emits these light waves. Far-infrared (FIR) is a longer light wave than typical infrared wave, and the rays of far-infrared are not harmful like those in ultra violet (UV) spectrum. FIR can only be experienced as heat. In fact, you’ve experienced it if you’ve ever laid in the sun and felt its deep-penetrating heat. Far-infrared is an isolated wave with no dangerous effects whatsoever.

FIR is also a valuable quality in the use of therapeutics. Far-infrared has an exceptional ability to penetrate deep into the tissues of the body, speeding the relief of pain both chronic and acute. FIR can even penetrate to the bone. It stimulates blood circulation, and is a proven element in the reduction of tension and stress whether physical or neurological. All this adds up to highly improved flexibility, an essential element in physical rehabilitation.

Far infrared is also known for its mood enhancing capabilities. This is due to FIR’s emissions of negative ions. Negative ions act as natural antidepressants by oxygenating the brain and regenerating the blood. Unlike many man-made pharmaceuticals, negative ions have no negative side effects.

Medicinal qualities of jade that have been scientifically research include:

As a detox aid by strengthening the body’s filtration and cleansing systems
Immune system booster
As an aid in improve heart, lung, and thymus functions
As a therapy for back pain
As a therapy for sciatica
As a therapy for deep muscle tissue
As a treatment for hypertension
As a treatment for arthritis
As a therapy for mood disorders
In fact, jade is an effective treatment for any general acute or chronic body pain that is conventionally treated with painkillers or massage therapy. And the relief lasts for hours, not minutes.

2. Tourmaline
Tourmaline is a semi-precious mineral related to granite. Within the black background of tourmaline, vibrant colors can range from of magenta, teal, bright green or yellow. Like jade, tourmaline has highly therapeutic qualities related to its ability to absorb and emit heat. This remarkable heat retention quality may account for ancient lore about its supernatural qualities.


Regardless of whether those ancient claims are true or not, what is established is that tourmaline has exceptional conductivity qualities, emits negative ions, and absorbs and conducts far-infrared rays.

Known qualities of tourmaline include:
Aiding in detoxification
The support of fat loss
As an aid in the reduction of water retention
Improved circulation
As a support for liver and kidney functions
As a mood enhancer
As an aid in the reduction of lactic acids and free fatty acids
Professional athletes who use tourmaline report greater performance. Among them is Swedish Olympic swim champion Glen Christiansen, who says that tourmaline allows him to recover more quickly after intense workouts. Many people –men and women like- who use tourmaline also report the pleasant side effect of boosted sexual vitality.

The Therapeutic Forms Of Jade And Tourmaline

Physical therapists and functional rehabilitation specialists have begun using jade and tourmaline in a variety of therapeutic methods. Of these, the majority support the use of products and equipment produced by Therasage, a company that specializes in professional physical therapy aids and gear. Below are four primary methods of using the therapeutic qualities of jade and tourmaline.

  1. Sauna

This method uses a portable, enclosed system that fully surrounds the body. This allows the four main qualities of jade and tourmaline –deep heat therapy, detoxification, blood circulation, and blood oxygenation- to fully envelope and penetrate the entire body.

  1. Full Length Healing Pad

This form of therapeutic equipment more directly pinpoints the front, side, or back by positioning the patient in a reclining position. The natural jade emits far-infrared heat that penetrates as deeply as two to three inches into the body. The quality and depth of these jade healing pads far exceed the typical pain relief and flexibility experienced through conventional therapeutic heating pads generally used by physical therapists.

  1. Bio Bands

These therapeutic bracelets are often recommended by physical therapists for patients who need a more constant feed of pain relief. Safe for anyone and any age the bracelets offer effective, consistent treatment for pain and muscle or joint stiffness. They are also known to increase mobility and promote feeling of overall health and wellbeing.

  1. Healing Belts

These specialized belts apply very specific deep-heat therapeutic benefits to the back, waist and stomach/mid abdominal areas. Using the natural qualities of tourmaline and jade the belts not only provide excellent directed pain relief, they excite the body’s cells in these areas. This stimulates the expulsion of toxins that are stored within fat cells. This metabolic action also breaks up and emulsifies fat clusters. These particular healing belts are prized among many rehabilitation professionals as one of the most advanced and effective dual purpose therapeutic belts available today.