Upgraded Neck and Cervical Traction Hammock for Chronic Pain Relief

Color: Black
  • GREATER TRACTION. Unique design holds hammock in place for the maximum traction which means maximum relief.
  • HIGHER QUALITY. Highest quality product on the market. Heavy Duty elastic strap and metal parts, no plastic. Will hold up to heavy use.
  • RELIEVE PAIN & STRESS. Just 10 mins per day relieves neck pain, Shoulder pain from stress, strain, text neck, prolonged sitting at desk or in your car.
  • PORTABLE. At Just under 1 lbs, the Neck Traction Hammock can go with you anywhere with ease. Use it at Home, Work, the Gym, the Park or anywhere or time you want to relieve stress and pain

What Does Cervical Vertebrae Traction Do?

 It can be used to help decrease compression forces in the neck, which can take pressure off of the discs that reside between the vertebrae (spinal bones) in the neck.

 It can also open up the spaces where nerves exit the spinal canal, which can help relieve pressure of a compressed nerve

 Traction can also help stretch the muscles and joint structures around the neck.

This Neck Traction Hammock is designed to provide maximum traction without choking you like Airneck traction devices. This gentle pulling decompresses the spine by creating space between the vertebrae which relieves compression, improves blood flow and allows the muscles to relax. This lengthens or stretches the muscles and joints around the neck.

All other Hammock devices are similar to each other in that they fail to provide adequate traction. This differs from similar products because it contains an additional neoprene strap which wraps around the chin and head, holding the hammock in place allowing for greater traction. To increase traction, position yourself further from the door. To reduce traction, move closer to the door.

These improvements in design combined with daily use may lead to improved mobility, range of motion, and alignment. You will be able to go about your daily activities with greater ease.

The Neck Traction Hammock has high quality adjustment straps allowing for more precise adjustment and placement of the hammock. The efficacy of the traction is dependent on the correct placement relative to the ground. Get the performance of over the door cervical traction or traction machine with the convenience of a home cervical traction unit.

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