FBRUSA™ EMS Muscle Stimulator Lymph Drainage Vacuum Massage Machine

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FBRUSA™ EMS Muscle Stimulator Lymph Drainage Vacuum Massage Machine


EMS body slimming combines pulse pads for the body and breasts, the following treatment is the benefits of this machine:
- Reduce cellulite
- Enhance blood circulation, removing body fatigue, and stress.
- Lift and firm slack muscle and muscle mass for slimming and shaping body line.
- Effectively treating cervical and lumbar cervical and lumbar vertebrae stains due to work
- Relieving arthritis, arthralgia, rheumatism
- Unclogging mammary gland, developing strong and beautiful breasts
- Faradic stimulation to prevent breast cancer and relative diseases
Breast/Butt Enlargement Vacuum Therapy Large Cups, the following treatment is the benefits of this machine:
-Vacuum Pump Breast Enlargement
-Buttocks Lifting Breast Enlargement
-Face & Body Massager
-Lymphatic Drainage
-The vacuum pump can absorb fat particles and fluid, which can then enter the breast tissue and cells, making the breast more developed.
-Expel toxins, purify the lymphatic system, refine skin pores, reshape skin, improve microcirculation, and enhance collagen elasticity.
-Lift sagging muscles, resist wrinkles, activate the skin, remove eye bags and double jaws, eliminate wrinkles and telangiectasia and treat sub-health.
-Stimulate the pituitary to generate hormones, enhance the elasticity and fiber of muscle tissue, restore the elasticity and softness of the breast, lift the breast, improve the shape of the breast, improve the nipple, and maintain the therapeutic effect.
-Accelerate the conversion of fatty acids, safely and effectively remove excess fat, reduce weight, slim down, eliminate excess belly fat, improve the shape of legs, tighten the skin, can be used for scrub, acupoint tapping therapy, lymph drainage, fat treatment, improve the buttocks, to achieve a perfect body outline.


  • - Advanced controller with micro-computer system and digital display.
  • - Ten pairs of silicon gel electrode pads with ultra-strong electrical conductivity and infrared.
  • - Ten groups of electrode pulse outputs, independent working, or simultaneous working.
  • - Five different pulse waveforms, adjustable massage intensity, auto circulation.
  • - Attach the electrode pads with elastic bandages, without shedding.

Package Listing

  • 1 x Main machine
  • 3 x Pairs of cups for breast and butt
  • 3 x Pairs of cups for cupping
  • 6 x Pairs gas cup for scrub
  • 3 x Metal Fingertip cups for rhythm massage
  • 2 x Shot connecting tubes
  • 1 x Long connecting tubes
  • 1 x Accessories Holder
  • 1 x Breast Pad
  • 11 x Electrode Lines
  • 1 x Elastic Bandage
  • 1 x Power line
  • 10 Pcs Electrode Pads

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